Pure Red Reishi

Pure Red Reishi Capsules

Ganoderma lucidium, which is known in Japan as Reishi mushroom and in China as LING ZHI has a long history of use as a revered supplement. This mushroom has been known since the earliest recorded texts in China over 3000 years ago.  


Recent research confirms the value of Reishi, and has deciphered some of the mystery as to  its importance.


Like most other medicinal mushrooms, Reishi contains compounds of the chemical group called Beta-Glucan (in particular, 1,3 (8) 1,6 beta glucan). This has been shown by the overwhelming majority of scientific studies to be very potent.(1) In fact, Reishi contains more Beta-Glucan than any other mushroom yet tested, up to 40% by weight in some samples. The content of Beta-Glucans in reishi spores is even higher, usually in the 70% - 80% range!(2) Reishi also contains other chemicals that are believed to have health supporting properties, called triterpenoids (ganoderic acid -R, -T, -U, -V, -W, -X, -Y, and -Z) . These chemicals and Reishi's biological effects have been extensively studied and documented by Dr. Fukumi Morishige, M.D., Dr. Med. Sci., Ph.D., one of the leading experts in the world concerning Reishi. Dr. Morishige's ground breaking work with Reishi is well detailed in the book "Reishi Mushroom: Herb of Spiritual Potency and Medical Wonder" by Dr. Terry Willard. We highly recommend this book for anyone interested in reading more about this amazing mushroom.


The Beta-Glucans found in Reishi are extremely large organic molecules with a molecular weight of approximately 1,050,000, which makes absorption by the intestines difficult. In Dr. Morishige's work, he found that by co-administering Vitamin C with the Reishi, these Beta-Glucan molecules were broken down into sub-units of approximate size 30,000. As these are chain like molecules, the shorter sections of the chain have all the same properties as longer segments, but are much more easily absorbed through the stomach and intestines. This is believed to be true with other mushroom Beta-Glucans as well.


As well known as Reishi is in the orient, it is still comparatively new to the U.S. Health Supplement Industry. This is due in part to the difficulty of cultivating this mushroom. In recent discoveries, the mushroom growing industry has found ways to easily cultivate this mushroom. There are two forms of growing used for this (and some other) mushrooms. The first is to grow out the fruit body (mushroom) on sawdust or hardwood logs. The other way is to grow the Mycelium in large sterile vats of nutrient medium, much the way penicillin is produced. The mycelium is the "vegetative growth" part of the organism, just as the fruit body is essentially the "flower" of the organism.


While the Mycelium and the Fruit Body are similar in effect, there are some differences. The Mycelium contains from 15-40% Beta-Glucan and none or only trace amounts of the highly oxidized triterpenoids. The fruit body on the other hand, contains this same 15-40% Beta-Glucan and about 3-5% triterpenoids. The Mycelium product is cheaper to produce, but does not have as much research behind it It is this author’s opinion that the fruit body is probably more effective in supporting healthy immune function which can maintain the body’s ability to achieve good health.


All this may sound confusing. The question arises, "which Reishi product should I take to maintain my health"? I wish we knew the definitive answer to that. At the present time, the Full Spectrum product produced by Aloha Medicinals seems to be the best available. This has all three of the forms present - Mycelium, Fruitbodies and Spores. The Beta-Glucan content of this product is >30%. This is the highest Beta-Glucan content of any cultivated Reishi being grown in the United States. Made with Organic Ganoderma.


This product contains NO ingredients from China.

Pure Red Reishi Capsules - 90 count 500 mg- $24.95

Pure Red Reishi Capsules



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For all of you formulators - Ganoderma is also offered as a bulk powder ingredient for use in your formulations, which is 100% USDA and EU Certified Organic. Call our customer service representative at (775) 886-6300 for more information and to place your order today!




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For all of you formulators - Aloha Medicinals also offers bulk medicinal mushroom powder ingredients for use in your formulations, which are 100% USDA and EU Certified Organic. Call our customer service representative at (775) 886-6300 for more information and to place your order today!


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