42 Rules to Fight Dog Cancer by Aimee Quemuel
Real Stories and Practical Approaches to Dealing with Dog Cancer

42 Rules to Fight Dog Cancer



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"42 Rules to Fight Dog Cancer (2nd Edition)" is a compilation of real stories, told by real people about their successful battle against dog cancer. The book is rooted in the thought that through the collective knowledge of dog owners everywhere, we will be closer to eradicating this disease. Filled with concrete tips that you can start using immediately, 100% of the author's proceeds will be donated to dog-related causes.



You just heard the words no dog owner ever wants to hear ... your dog has cancer. Suddenly you are faced with making a frenzy of life and death decisions for your beloved friend, while fighting back the tears. Should I do chemo? What about holistic medicine? What about surgery? Do I change his diet? Organic or medicinal? Should I euthanize?

Experts predict that half of all dogs will get some type of cancer in their lifetimes with 80 percent of dogs over the age of 10 dying from the disease. The grim statistics go on and on. But the good news is that for every dog that passes away, there are thousands of stories of survival yet to be told.

About the Author

Aimee Quemuel is an avid animal advocate and founder of FightDogCancer.com, a community driven information source and social network. FightDogCancer.com not only creates a community where dog owners can share tips and advice, post pictures and simply just vent about the journey, but also leverages the power of information to raise money for dog cancer charities.


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“This book is an organized, easy to read, wonderful resource for pet owners. Especially anyone who has to deal with canine cancer. The stories are personal accounts with numerous varied details on how best to care for your dog during cancer & treatment. A must read! ”

- Nwptrn


“I purchased this book about two months ago after someone recommended it to me. We own 5 dogs of our own, and fortunately, have never had to deal with a serious illness. Reading the various stories and feeling as though I knew each and everyone of the dogs in the stories, helped me to realize that there are options when it comes to our four-legged pals. From holistic to conventional treatments; from special diets to miracles, this book really gave me strength, incite, and hope for the future in facing this serious concern which someday may affect Buddy, Maddy, Sadie, Daisy or Purdy Girl. It is a book you can go back to over and over again.”

- C. Powers


“I really related to this book. It gave me hope that I didn't have. If anyone's dog is diagnosed with cancer, this book is a great way to start your research.”

- Brooke

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