Laetiporus conifericola AM-G125

Agrocybe aegerita AM-G11

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Strain: Laetiporus conifericola AM-G125


Common Names: Western Sulfur Shelf, Chicken of the Woods, Laetiporus conifericola De (Laetiporus conifericola的), Trutovik serno-geltiy khvoiniy (трутовик серно-жёлтый хвойный)






Temperature Range:


Recommended Substrate:

Cellulose Decomposers: Softwood Sawdust

Most popular species under cultivation are naturally wood inhabiting fungi. So, growing on sawdust is a logical choice. Sawdust is mixed with wheat bran (or another nitrogen source) at 5-15% and Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) (a buffering agent) at 2-3%, and filled into autoclavable bags. The bags are sterilized for a minimum of 1 hour at 121°C (15 psi when at sea level). Note sterilization exposure times vary depending on pressure and elevation. Finally, the substrate is cooled to at least 25°C (approx. 80°F) then, inoculated with grain or liquid spawn and incubated at appropriate temp for the species until colonization is complete.

Recommended species on softwood sawdust

Armillaria mellea, Auricularia auricula-judae, Fomitopsis officianalis, F. pinicola,Ganoderma resinoceum, G. tsugae, Hericium abietis, Hypsizygous ulmarius, Laetiporus conifericola, Pleurotus pulmonarius, and Stropharia rugoso-annulata


Recommended Media Type: PDY MYA MEP BBA


History: Isolated By Aloha Medicinals field team


DNA Sequence: DNA Sequencing for ITS region available at an extra charge of $200. Allow two weeks for the DNA sequencing service.

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