Pleurotus eryngii AM-G4

Agrocybe aegerita AM-G11

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Strain: Pleurotus eryngii AM-G4


=Agaricus eryngii DC.


Common Names: King Oyster Mushroom, Eringi (エリンギ), Xìng bào gū (杏鮑菇), Cì qín gū (刺芹菇), Saesongi peoseot (새송이버섯), Pleurote du Panicaut, Braune Kräuter-Seitling, Cardoncello, Вёшенка степная


Application: choice edible, medicinal usage and compounds


Characteristics: Medium sized light brownish convex cap, with inrolled margin, decurrent light colored gills and a swollen whitish stem are the main features of this mushroom.


Temperature Range: Low: 50-70 °F (10-21 °C) fruiting temperature.


Recommended Substrate: wheat straw, hardwood sawdust, and cottonseed hulls.


Recommended Media Type: PDY MYA MEP BRA


History: Isolated By Aloha Medicinals field team.


DNA Sequence: DNA Sequencing for ITS region available at an extra charge of $200. Allow two weeks for the DNA sequencing service.

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