Help Your Dog Fight Cancer by Laura Kaplan
What Every Caretaker Should Know About Canine Cancer

Help Your Dog Fight Cancer


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Fifty percent of the 65 million dogs in the U.S. will have cancer, yet most caretakers know little or nothing about caring for a dog with cancer. Author Laurie Kaplan, MSC, medical animal writer, provides a soup-to-nuts education about canine cancer for the layperson. Laurie also shares the story of her own canine cancer survivor, Bullet, and their triumphant battle against his cancer.

Help Your Dog Fight Cancer educates owners about causes, prevention and early detection. Covers dianostics, treatment options, traditional and holistic therapies and home care options including diet and supplements and side effect remedies. The final chapter covers palliative care (Pawspice), euthanasia, cremation/burial and grief.



"When I wrote Help Your Dog Fight Cancer, I hoped it would reach everyone trying to give their dog a chance to survive cancer. I love that Bullet's book is helping so many people and dogs their fight cancer. I hate that there is such a tremendous demand for that help.

The tens of thousands of copies sold are an indication of the overwhelming statistics. Canine cancer is affecting millions of dogs at this very moment. I am haunted by thoughts of all of the people who have dogs with cancer but who cannot afford treatment. After completing the first printing of Help Your Dog Fight Cancer, I founded the Magic Bullet Fund to help these people and their dogs. My donations from book proceeds were the first influx to the fund and they continue although now they are dwarfed by the generous donations of so many others.<> By the second printing of this book in 2005, Bullet had left me, taken by old age, still cancer free.

In the 2nd Edition, released summer of 2008, I updated medical information and added a final chapter to discuss palliative care, euthanasia and grief. People who have dogs with cancer are hungry for information. The first 2 editions of this book were a crash course to help dog lovers get an initial grasp of the situation and understand their options, and to provide moral support.

The 3rd Edition of Help Your Dog Fight Cancer contains medical updates of course and a great deal of added information. The new subtitle, "Empowerment for Dog Owners," promises that the book is full of information that readers will probably never hear from a vet. Information that will help them make decisions on behalf of their dog that will benefit their dog, not the medical team. Your dog, your money, your decisions!

Magic Bullet Fund is Bullet's Legacy. The Magic Bullet Fund provides financial assistance to families that have a dog with cancer but cannot afford treatment costs. At best. the fund gives dogs a chance to beat cancer. At least, the fund allows owners time to create more precious memories and have a long goodbye with their beloved friend and have peace of mind knowing that they did do everything possible to help their dog survive cancer. "

- Laurie Kaplan

About the Author

Kaplan's Siberian husky Bullet was diagnosed with lymphoma at 9 years old. With chemo and a home care regimen Kaplan designed, he survived cancer. Bullet passed at 14 years old, still in remission. After constant prodding from Bullet's oncologist, Kaplan authored "Help Your Dog Fight Cancer," which has won numerous literary awards. This book provides the information they need to turn despair to confidence and become their best friend's best advocate.

Kaplan is the founder and administrator of Magic Bullet Fund, helping people who have a dog with cancer but cannot afford treatment fees. The fund has helped 400+ families take their dogs through cancer treatment.

Kaplan authored "So Easy to Love, So Hard to Lose with a Masters in Counseling and after counseling hundreds of pet owners after the loss of a pet. In this award-winning book, expertly sequenced and worded text pages followed by journal pages lead the owner through the grief journey feeling strong and healthy.

Kaplan says, "By living with pets we can learn life lessons that cannot be gleaned any other way. These lessons have a profound effect on our essential being if we let them. No matter how much we think we helped a pet, it cannot compare to how much they helped us."


Supplement Facts

“Cancer is not something exclusive to people. It is not uncommon for people to consider the animal companions as 'family'. These two facts are why Laurie Kaplan wrote, "Help Your Dog Fight Cancer: What Every Caretaker Should Know About Canine Cancer", a guide for dog owners who are unfortunate to have their beloved dog develop cancer. Outlining the causes and reasons for Canine cancer as well as outlining preventative techniques that readers can use and outline to protect their pooch, it also addresses care for when the unfortunate does happen. Very highly recommended for personal and community reference collections, "Help Your Dog Fight Cancer" is a must for anyone whose canine companion is diagnosed with a cancer. ”

- Midwest Book Review


“My dog was diagnosed with lymphoma 7 weeks ago. The amount of information on treatments, diets, and supplements that exists is overwhelming. The author distills this body of research and information down into an informative and digestible book. I've switched to the homemade diet she recommends in her book and my dog is much more energetic. I highly recommend this book for anyone whose dog has cancer.”

- Whitney Z


“This book has helped me immensely! My 13 year old long-haired dachshund was diagnosed with cancer. First she had a tumor surgically removed due to an aggressive form of cancer. This book gave me hope as I went through the ups and downs of chemo and treatment. Your vet and oncologist can help . . . but this book gives you all of the tools and wise advice on how to deal with it and fight it. The author also provides do's and don'ts which are essential. I highly recommend this book. The author became my second best friend! My dog is now approaching 14 years old and enjoys a quality of life!”

- Tina M.

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