In Search of the Holey Veil by Taylor F. Lockwood
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In Search of the Holey Veil


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In Search of the Holey Veil is the latest and greatest video by Taylor Lockwood yet – the foremost mushroom photographer and mushroom videographer in the world today! In Search of the Holey Veil is the story of Taylor’s extended trip through India and Southeast Asia in search for a rare Dictyophora species. The cast of characters is fantastic, with mushrooms so rare that many of them have never been seen before. For those of you who are already familiar with Taylor’s work, you will know how good this is when we say this is his best ever!

For those of you who do not yet know Taylor Lockwood work - wow, are you ever in for a treat! Taylor is a videographer and photographer without equal, and he specializes in exotic mushroom subjects, so we can HIGHLY RECOMMEND this video to anyone who is interested in the magical and mysterious world of the mushrooms. Don’t miss this opportunity to order the video that has already become the instant “Classic” of mushroom videos! Supply is limited, so ORDER TODAY - $14.95 – about one hour long



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