1 Month Supply: Dogs Over 95 lbs
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1 Month Supply: Dogs Over 95 lbs



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4 K9 Immunity™

1 K9 Transfer Factor™

3 K9 Omega™


Supplement Facts

“Faced with a bewildering set of circumstances, owners of dogs with cancer will welcome this guide, which will help them calm down, think clearly, consider the options, and, ultimately, make more confident decisions.”

- Library Journal


“This book is an incredible resource on everything cancer for dogs. Starting off with your role, common questions (why didn't my vet catch this earlier?),cancer causes, cancer care and twelve common types of canine cancers, this book is very comprehensive and definitely worth reading....Bottom line: Get it.”

- Veterinary Editor, About.com


“At this troubling time, having The Dog Cancer Survival Guide by your side is like having both a knowledgeable and a caring friend beside you...This valuable and compassionate guide is a must-have for anyone caring for a dog with cancer.”

- Modern Dog Magazine

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