Tibetan El Dorado Cordyceps Documentary
Cordyceps Documentary

Tibetan El Dorado


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A Made for TV documentary from the renowned French film maker, Jean Mascolo. This video shows the current state of affairs in the world’s Cordyceps industry as of the Summer of 2010. Filmed mostly in Tibet and Hong Kong, this film looks at all aspects of the Cordyceps trade, including both the collection of wild Cordyceps, and the production of cultivated Cordyceps in the laboratory. This highly acclaimed documentary has been shown in a dozen countries, and is one of the really outstanding films on Cordyceps available today.

Half animal, half vegetable, the Cordyceps Sinensis is a unique combination of a caterpillar and a wild mushroom that grows at 13,000 feet on the high plateaus of Tibet. Renowned for its stimulating effects on the immune system, and also known as the "Viagra of the Himalayas," it has become the new El Dorado in the Chinese economy.

Starring: Isabelle Benhadj

Runtime: 49 minutes

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